Jess Bartlet

Facilitating research and education through experiences

I am a producer, composer and audio-engineer using sound as a tool to open-up subject matter.

I am a public engagement professional with a remit of growth through strategy, innovation and research.

I am an effective altruism research fellow using evidence and reason to do as much good as possible.

My purpose:

Inspire, innovate and lead on new opportunities to address needs.

Create positive cultural change by making research and education more accessible.

Apply evidence-based approaches across my work to inform decision making.

Forecast and share future public engagement trends as a researcher and practitioner.

My mission:

  • Employ deep listening to foreshadow the future, aid impact, and empower decision making.
  • Make research and education as accessible as the air we breathe.
  • Embed creative thinking to generate outside-the-box solutions.
  • Dissolve and break down barriers to galvanise movement.
  • Explore unknown territory with promising practice.
  • Enrich current public engagement practice.
  • Lift-up peers, and nurture people with experiential learning and opportunities.
  • Advocate for the benefits of public engagement, and an engaged society at all times.

How do I achieve this?

  • Research and evaluate the wider cultural landscape.
  • Recognise and address barriers.
  • Embed two-way tools to catalyse culture change e.g. digital technology, practice, and research.
  • Focus on evidence-based practice, inter-disciplinary ideas, and inter-sector solutions to improve engagement and involvement.
  • Appreciate that information across individuals, communities, and society is fluid.
  • Act as a gateway to access external expertise.
  • Inspire others with high quality, and innovative public engagement.
  • Share research and evidence to inform decision-making.
  • Put the infrastructure in place for effective policy, practice, and process for new spaces.
  • Connect with other public engagement networks, communities, and professionals to draw on expertise and experience.
  • Value and highlight diverse ideas and approaches.
  • Champion integrity, transparency, openness, accountability, as well as respect.

What do I do?

  • Consult and inform decision making: I problem-solve through innovation and evidence-based practice. I come up with new spaces and opportunities to dissolve barriers. I provide leadership and support on public engagement strategies by embedding public engagement as a tool for success.
  • Research, share, and implement practice: I map-out and explore the current external cultural landscape in higher education, charities, and business through NCCPE “What Works approach, and by applying scientific thinking.
  • Design, and deliver learning experiences: I develop and create memorable bespoke learning experiences, products, and services for internal and external stakeholders and communities. As a producer, musician and audio-engineer I use sound to make research more accessible.

Get in contact with me:

I would love to hear from you! Please get in touch if you would like to ask me anything, collaborate, just connect or share resources etc.

I am currently particularly looking to partner with those designing and partaking in novel experiences using sound or music as a tool for communication, those keen to utilise insights from higher education forecasting, or people trying to implement decision making practice.

Visit my contact page here.